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by John Smothers, ND, MH, FLT

Define your purpose:

Set a goal larger than yourself that you are expecting a breakthrough.  It could be a variety of things:  Health, spiritual, work or family.  If your needs are fully satisfied, then dedicate your fast to a friend or someone in need.  Spend time in prayer everyday.

Schedule time for preparation:  

If you are juicing, then spend time grocery shopping ahead of time.  The example recipe below is a good start:

64 oz of juice = 2 heads of cabbage, 8 carrots, 4 granny smith apples .

Optional:  add 12 cloves of garlic, 2 inches of ginger, lemon or lime.

You may also add lemon or lime for taste and a cucumber.  4 ounces of wheat grass is also a great addition.  It you do not have wheat grass, then moringa is a great substitution.

Why Juice: 

Juicing is the fastest way to attain the maximum amount of organic live nutrition in your body.  It is the highest octane fuel to rebuild and strengthen your body.   Enzymes in live or raw food carry nutrition to the cells for nourishment.  If food is heated over 113 degrees Fahrenheit then enzymes start to die.  The food loses its ability to make each cell stronger.  During a fast we are consuming raw food with the exception of bone broth.  During fasting, once the toxins are excreted or detoxed, your cells with start to feel super rejuvenated.  Your mind, body and spirit with become more sensitive and in tune with one another.  To ultimately change your cells expression to a healthy cell, first we have to detoxify, move out the stored up trash or toxins being stored from years past.  Then as we fuel our super bodies with maximized raw food or juice, our genes express themselves in a very healthy way.  Your cellular expression depends upon the environment they are living in.

Words of Appreciation/Affirmations:

Set aside words of affirmations or prayers you repeat several times per day.

Example: My body is becoming stronger and my cells are expressing renewed strength.

I am loosing the thoughts, habits, and all cellular functions of making, reproducing      cancer.  It is leaving my body and never returning.  It is gone, I am walking in faith         and believing for a miracle in my life.  Become BOLD and ask others to partner and       speak these powerful words over you.


PART 1 – Liquid Fast

Liquids only to shut down the digestive process and to accelerate detox, healing and repair.  Your will have approximately 85% more reserves available during this time for cleansing.  Digestion usually stops after 2-3 days, then your cravings will diminish.

Begin your FAST:

Start by consuming 12 oz of fluid every waking hour.  This could be a combination of water, herbal tea, broth or fresh vegetable juices.  Drink 2-3 quarts of juice throughout the day to keep a steady about of vegetable sugars entering the blood stream.  This will increase your changes of a successful fast.

Cautions:  If you feel nausea, very weak or faint, you should break your fast.  Try consuming bone broth and raw vegetables in a soup and continue your fast.  If this does not work, then consider having a green protein shake.  Consider the enema part to fully engage your detox.  If you still fell weak or faint, then eat a clean diet;

Suggested Diet: 2 meals per day of: protein, vegetables and oils.  Take Glycation Manager or Alpha CU and chromium to help stables your blood sugar.  2 green protein shakes per day, preferably Ultra Clear Renew during your fast.  Continue juicing 1-2 quarts per day.

FAST:  (Please review the fasting handout for a step by step guide)

Enema:  Perform the 4 step enema everyday throughout the duration of the fast.  Enema procedures will be provided with your enema kit purchased through the Wellness Center.

Options:  Parasite Cleanse, Heavy metals, Liver cleanse, Enema, tumors.

Detox: Ultra Clear Renew, Clear Change Daily Essentials or Detox Pekana

Parasite Cleanse:  Paraguard or Clarkia 100

Heavy Metals:  Ultra Clear Renew, HM Protect

Tumors:  Biozyme, Theracumin HP, Dr John’s Lymph


Fasting Recipes:

Simple and powerful Juice

yields approximately 33-37 oz of juice

  • 1 Cabbage 24 oz
  • 4 Celery 2-3 oz
  • 4 Carrots 4-5 oz
  • 1-2 Apples3-6 oz


  • 4-6 cloves Garlic 1/4 oz
  • 2 nickel slices of Ginger 1/4 oz
  • Lemon or Lime

Complex Juice Recipe:

yields approximately 38 oz of juice

  • 1 Cabbage 24 oz
  • Kale 2 handfuls
  • 1 Cucumber 4 oz
  • 2 Celery 2 oz
  • 2 Carrots 2 oz
  • 1 Apple 2-3 oz
  • 1 broccoli stem or 2 oz
  • 2 radishes
  • 1/2 beet 1/2 oz
  • 4 cloves garlic 1/4 oz
  • Fresh ginger 2 nichel slices 1/4 oz

Total yield will vary depending upon quality of Juicer.

The Integrative Wellness Center uses the Green Star Elite Juicer in our clinic.

We sell them for the lowest price available online in our clinic.  Please  ask our staff about demoing a Green Star Elite Juicer, you will be amazed!  Juices hard vegetables and also leaves like Kale and Wheat Grass very good.


Part 2: Shakes and Vegetables

5-10 days duration

We are continuing the detox with an animal free diet.  Adding 4 green protein shakes (Ultra Clear Renew Protein) per day to stabilize muscle mass.  Incorporating bone broth, vegetable soups, and eating raw vegetables with the optional raw dips/dressing for taste.

BEST:  Eat mono meals. Choose one vegetable per day and eat unlimited.  Ok to use dip/dressing and pâté with vegetable.

How to start part 2 fast:

Continue accelerating detox fast while stabilizing muscle mass.  This fast we will focus on clearing phase 2 liver detox pathway with emphasis on heavy metals and soft tissue toxin clearing.  We will eat mono meals to help modulate cytokine inflammation in your gastrointestinal track. Studies show you will be eliminating up to 278  plus known heavy metals, chemicals, toxins interfering with optimal detox.  These are buried in your liver, fatty and soft  tissues. Your body will feel much better once these toxins and heavy metals are cleared.  If your brain will become more responsive.


Continue drinking 1-2 quarts of fresh juice daily.  Add 4 protein shakes per day to stabilize muscle mass while continuing accelerating detox fast.  Eat soups,broths and mono vegetable meals/snacks.  Make raw dips and dressings to help support taste of your favorite vegetables.  Slice vegetables and dip into raw dressing for taste.  Eat unlimited as snacks or meals.


Day 1-5:  Drink 2 servings per day Ultra Clear Renew medical food protein shake.

Drink 2 servings per day Ultra Meal Advanced protein.  If pain or inflammation is present, then substitute for Ultra InflammX360 medical food protein shake.  2 of these shakes per day should be complex shakes.  4 is best.

Take Clear Change Daily Essentials or Advaclear with 2 of the shakes per day.  Example morning and afternoon shakes.

Optional:  Take ultra spectrum probiotics morning and night.  Add Glutagenics or Glutamine Forte Powder to shake, 2 x day, to help repair leaky gut syndrome

Affirmation: I am so thankful for the mentors in my life that led me out of troubled waters.  We all have faced tough, trying times in our lives.  The closer we get to success, the further it seems.  Don’t ever give up on anyone, but especially yourself.  You are victorious in all well doing.  I believe in you and I am walking in faith expecting amazing victories in your life.

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