Welcome to the Wellness Center’s blog! We aim to educate the public about our holistic approach to healthcare.

The wellness center is proactive in reducing bio markers, risk factors and supporting acute to degenerative health conditions through nutraceuticals, diet, exercise, and stress management.  We are passionate about creating new positive health testimonies in the wellness center every day! We treat every client with the utmost care and respect and formulate a wellness plan designed specifically for them and their concerns. Our belief is that by utilizing the healing power of God through nature, together we can achieve the goal of helping your body function in harmony.

John Smothers is founder of the Integrative Wellness & Research Center; a Tennessee-based wellness center for all ages, promoting healthy lifestyle changes through targeted nutritional support. John Smothers’ current areas of focus are: optimizing body composition, intestinal barrier function, neurobiology, Lyme, modulating cellular immune response, and decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines. He is well versed in the dynamics and multitudes of Alternative Medicine. John Smothers welcomes and is open to business opportunities to assist in expanding his scope of expertise.

If you’d like to make an appointment or order products, please call (901) 763-7006 or submit a form below.

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