Harnessing Your DNA for Optimal Health

Genetic Testing

You are made of cells. And the cells in your body have 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Your chromosomes are made of DNA, which can tell you a lot about you. Genetic testing allows you to explore your 23 pairs.  Genetic testing through companies like 23andme.com can provide useful information on understanding potential areas of weakness and disease susceptibility.

You can order your genetic tests and receive all your raw genetic data (600,000+ genes) for just $79.00 now through Valentines Day.

The raw data from genetic testing can be overwhelming because we are provided with a blueprint of our DNA, and with that, a look into the specific gene expression that can cause various symptoms or diseases.  Results are not a guarantee that you will have the illness identified; you are only seeing a probability or risk.

Harnessing Your DNA for Optimal Health

If you’ve been searching for answers to your health issues without resolution, testing your DNA should be the next step. Doing so can allow you to identify your SNPs (genetic mutations) as well as the related nutritional weaknesses occurring in your body.

People who understand health recognize genetic testing as the most advanced and effective method of determining exactly how you need to supplement. Using the results of your genetic saliva test from 23andme.com we can identify your nutritional weaknesses and then create your custom nutritional protocol. This protocol will supplement your missing nutrients and antioxidants, or use nutrients and herbs to aid in the production of needed enzymes to ultimately reduce the damaging oxidants and support healthy cells.

Once you have obtained your raw data from 23andme, make an appointment with Kimberly Martindale to schedule your methyl genetic nutritional analysis. Just call (901) 763-7006 or email the clinic at clinic@integrativewellness.org.

To fully understand how your DNA impacts your health, watch the introductory video at  www.GetToKnowYourDNA.com







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